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A tunnel to my Home

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·Jul 14, 2022·

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  1. Even though my ISP provides me with a dedicated public IP, I can't access that IP outside of private network. I need to check the issue here. (Well, turned out this public IP is from shared address space used by ISPs for NAT - Carrier-Grade-NAT

  2. is good for testing things out, but the free plan provides dynamic domains which expire after two hours. It seems I need an account to use free-plan now (it doesn't seem to be the case before). I'd be good solution to show someone the project I've been working on - but isn't a good way to access my home network from internet (and in its defense, ngrok doesn't claim to be )

  3. seems like a good product to start a WAN over internet and provide access to my home network to a selected group of people.

  4. Long term - I'm looking for a solution to let anyone(from internet) access services I'm running in my homelab . .

For now, I'll explore option 1 and see if that works. It'd solve my long-term problem. Otherwise I'll just get started with option 3, it'll at least provide access to ME to my home from anywhere.

Feel free to comment your solutions.

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